Twin sisters give birth on the same day, doctor is shocked when he sees the babies

Both the doctor and these sisters are left speechless by this interesting detail

Being pregnant at the same time as your sister is a unique experience to begin with. But the story of the American twin sisters Becky Pistone and Rachael McGeoch goes a step further. Not only did the sisters give birth within an hour of each other, the doctor noticed an unbelievable detail after the babies were born. 

Identical twins

Becky and Rachel are identical twins: they look extremely similar. But their personalities go hand in hand as well. The sisters have the same hobbies and friend group and have been joined at the hip since they were little. As kids, they even wore necklaces with their names on them because even their parents couldn’t tell them apart! 

But years later, when Becky and Rachael had their own kids, something special happens…

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Apparently only twins have this 

Becky and Rachael’s story is unbelievable. But the close twin bond they have is more common. If you know any twins, you may have noticed this before. The brothers and sisters seem to have a different way of communicating with each other that doesn’t necessarily involve words. These twins, that got pregnant at the same time can relate. 

Researchers have done lots of studies to find out what goes on between twins. It appears as though the two have a better feel for each other than “normal” brothers and sisters, but it’s difficult to get into the specifics of why that is. Some people think it’s telepathy: twins may be able to feel what the other is thinking or feeling, even when they’re not in the same room! 

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Switch-up trick 

It’s been said before, twins have a bond that goes beyond the normal bond of a brother and sister. Sometimes it seems like there’s a sixth sense that twins have that make them understand and have a better feeling for each other than anyone else. This was the case for Becky and Rachael as well. From the time they were born, the two were inseparable. Because they looked so much alike, the two often “changed names”, because teachers and even some family members couldn’t tell them apart. They took advantage of this quite often. 

If there was a math test, for example, Becky would take it for both of them. While Rachael, with her knack for languages, would take the same language test twice using two names. In this way, they used their talents to help each other out. These talents also became the reason the two would have to miss each other later in life. 

It didn’t go well for too long when the sisters first moved away from each other. 

Two student lives

After high school, the two sisters chose different paths. While they had the same interests, their talents didn’t align. Becky was a math whiz and moved to New York City to study. Rachael decided to go to Boston University. Their choices were going right at first. For the first time, they had their own lives away from each other. 

Especially on a romantic level, the two had taken different paths. Rachael loved dating and always had a boyfriend. Becky was a bit more reserved on that front. She didn’t always agree with her sister’s choices. For example, when Rachael decided to move in with her boyfriend right after graduating. 

Becky found her true love too eventually. But they soon faced a difficult question. 


Wanting kids 

While Becky wanted to wait until she had a long-term relationship before moving in with someone, Rachael had different thoughts. Not only did she live with her partner while still studying, she quickly got the urge to start her own family. She never expected she would have to bring her twin sister into it. 

Rachael wanted to be a mom so badly. But after several attempts, it became clear that it wouldn’t be that simple for her to get pregnant. Rachael saw her dreams of a family fading away. Would she ever be able to become a mother and hold her own child in her arms? She was afraid not, unless her sister could help. 

For that, Becky had a big question to ask. 

Big family 

When Rachael simply wasn’t able to get pregnant, she called her sister in tears. “Remember how we used to always talk about having our own kids? And how we both wanted big families with at least five kids?” the defeated Rachael asked Becky. “And remember how we used to switch places with each other to get things accomplished when the other couldn’t do it?” 

“Dear Becky,” Rachael continued on the phone. “I’ve been trying to get pregnant for so long but it’s just not working. Would you be able to try too? If we try together, I just know that it’ll work for both of us.” The request stuns Becky at first. Did Rachael think that she’d be able to get pregnant if Becky was too? 

Building a family

It’s a pretty big question: will you try to build a family for me? But it wasn’t a crazy moment for the twin sisters. They were both in stable relationships and their lives were on the right path and they were in their thirties. After good thought, Becky came back with an answer. 

“I think it’s time to put our twin powers back into play and to go for it!” Becky suggests. Just like Rachael, she was going to try to get pregnant for the first time. An exciting decision, but Becky and her partner feel up to it. And who knows, maybe Rachael really could help her fulfill her dream of having kids. 

Then Rachael decides to buy a pregnancy test. 

Two pregnancy tests

Rachael had already seen so many negative pregnancy tests that she didn’t even dare hope for a positive one. But the evidence is right there in her hands: the test is positive, after all her attempts, she’s finally pregnant! Rachael decides to call her twin sister with the amazing news right away. 

Becky is of course ecstatic for her twin sisters. And three weeks later she gets another reason to celebrate: she takes a test that turned out positive too! The two sisters can’t contain their joy. They would experience these nine months together, seeing each other’s stomachs grow and talking about their babies. But before long, Rachael needs her sister’s help again. 


Rachael had gotten pregnant a bit before Becky and her due date was two weeks earlier. She waited for the day her baby would be brought into the world impatiently. The date came, but Rachael didn’t have any contractions. It looked like the baby was waiting on its cousin in Becky’s belly! Rachael was sure of it: only once Becky gave birth would her kid come as well. 

It’s something you can hardly imagine. We know how tight the bond between twins can be, but these two even got pregnant at the same time. Giving birth at the same time would be too big a coincidence, right? Or is there really a sort of special power between twins? You’d think so after hearing Becky and Rachael’s story. 

“We need each other!” 

Becky and Rachael didn’t just have completely different due dates, they were to give birth in different hospitals as well. For Rachael, the delivery is anything but speedy. The baby doesn’t want to come out and doctors have come to the conclusion that if it doesn’t happen in the next two days, they’ll have to induce labor. 

Rachael knows what she has to do. She needs to use her incredible “twin powers” to get her sister’s labor going. She couldn’t even get pregnant until her sister decided to do the same. She needed to use their special bond just once more. It was a big gamble because it meant the ever-so-pregnant Becky would have to go to a different hospital. On top of that, Becky’s baby may not be coming for a few more days. Was it going to work? 

Different hospital 

All of a sudden, Becky decides to rush to Rachael as quickly as possible, even though she’s nine months pregnant herself. It’s not ideal, but it has to happen. If Rachael doesn’t have the baby soon, it could have tremendous effects on her and her baby’s health. And the twin powers have worked before… 

Amazingly enough, Becky is able to get into the hospital room next to Rachael. It makes things pretty easy for the soon-to-be grandparents as well, their daughters giving birth on the same day in the same place! The birth itself proves to be anything but easy even though the twin sisters can hear each other through the hospital wall and use their twin powers. 


An hour apart 

One right after the other, Becky and Rachael are brought to the hospital to give birth. The same day they both welcome baby boys into the world. There’s just one hour of difference between the two cousins. The twins’ partners are speechless, but even the hospital workers can hardly believe it. But it gets even more unique. 

The two babies are given the names William and Andi. Neither of the two seem to be easy babies at first. They cry a lot and are restless. The doctors say they might be dealing with uncomfortable stomach cramps as many newborns do. But when takes a closer look, he sees that it’s something else completely! 

Cut from the same cloth

The boys had different dads of course, but everyone in the hospital can see that they could have been twins themselves. The shape of their faces, their noses, their length: it might be hard to tell the two apart, just like their mothers, way back when. And then there’s one more unsettling behavior. 

Do they have the same character too already? Or is there something else going on that’s making the two act like real crybabies? Obviously the parents want to know if the boys are healthy and that there’s nothing wrong. For this reason, the two cousins, that could be mistaken for brothers, are taken to be looked at separately.

But this finding was something the doctor never expected. 

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Unique discovery 

The doctor wants to take a closer look at the unusually restless babies. And then he makes a unique discovery. Thankfully for the new parents, it’s not something serious or something that needed medical attention. But it’s something that could make their lives difficult, no matter how sweet it is! 

The doctor noticed that Andi and William were mostly crying and restless when they were away from each other. The second the two were next to each other, they were completely at peace. The doctor can hardly believe his eyes. The two cousins were born just an hour apart and seemed to have the same bond as real twin brothers. 

But the coincidences in this story don’t stop there! 

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